Available Services:

BikiCare Ingrown Extraction (One Unit)

10 minutes per unit

 Want to get rid of those stubborn ingrown (dark spots) in the bikini area quick? Look no further!

Ingrown is the most common issue that almost all my clients have. Normally, you cannot see ingrown hair easily because of its location, there may be hair covering, or ingrown may lie deep underneath the skin.

Right after removing the hair, this is actually the best time for aesthetician to get rid of ingrown because it can easily be spotted. Let’s find out how my service offers:

1st – Clean the treatment area with antiseptic towelette.

2nd – Extraction: Depend on the ingrown condition, it can be remove manually by hand, tweezers or by single-use disposable lancet.

3rd – High Frequency Treatment with Specialized Machine: This helps to promote healing, killing off bacteria, and closing the pores.

4th – Apply finipil® antiseptic cream for a cool and smoother sensation, while killing off the bacteria and preventing future ingrown.

Super Clean – All are done with aseptic technique!

Service available as an add-on after your Brazilian or Bikini Plus services. 


Reservation Available During Online Booking

Long Hair Trimming for Brazilian/Bikini Plus

20 minutes

Leaving your hair long is quite tangled and discomfort for those Brazilian/Bikini Plus services. In order to provide the most comfortable and quick services, aesthetician will have to trim your hair shorter, just enough for the wax to grab onto. This also helps spreading the wax a lot easier and evenly, instead of pulling the hair along with it.

If you would like to opt out this trimming service, you can prepare yourself at home. Trim your hair and leave it about 1/4″ prior to your appointment. Please do not apply any oil-base skin care product or lotion on the hair-removal area.

Service available for choosing during online booking (Only applied to Brazilian/Bikini Plus Services). Aesthetician will have to apply this service if you have long hair.


Reservation Available During Online Booking