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Cancellation • Late • Refund Policy

Terms of Service

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 How to cancel?

  • Click on the cancel link sent in the reminder emails. 
  • The system will not let you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to cancel your appointment. 

How to reschedule?

  • If you would like to reschedule your appointment, it is important that you have to cancel your appointment first and re-book with your new selected time. To avoid double booking, the system will not let you book the same service within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Once you have cancel the appointment, on the menu bar, click on BOOKING to book your appointment.
How To Prepare?
  1. Shower and lightly exfoliate at home, do not apply lotion or oil base skin care product on the hair-removal area.
  2. Trim hairs to about a quarter of an inch* (no shorter) for less tangle and discomfort. If shaved, allow at least ten days after last shaving.
  3. Arrive calm and be ready for some fun chatting.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

*For Brazilian or Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, esthetician has to trim it before the services with $10 charge. To avoid being charged, please prepare yourself at home OR simply get regular waxing (every 4 weeks).

First Time Waxing?

No need to be embarassed!

We are professional.

Is your hair long enough?

Your hair must be at least 1/4″ long – 4 weeks since your last waxing, or 2 weeks since your last shave. For Brazilian and Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, this is quite tangled and discomfort. To ensure an efficient service, aesthetician has to trim it shorter, and there is $10 charge for that. You can prepare yourself at home, trim hair short to about 1/4″ length (no shorter) OR simply get regular waxing every 4 weeks.


Exfoliate the waxing area 24 hours prior to your service will help loosening the hair follicles for a smoother wax, while reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Reduce Pain

Take painkiller 30 minutes prior to the service, or arrive 40 minutes early to purchase Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Cream. Order now to arrange for pick up.

Keep Me Informed.

Let me know if this is your first time waxing. This will allow me to adjust the service to your needs. Please leave me a note when you book online.

After Waxing

You may experience some redness which usually subsides within 24 hours. If you are first time getting waxed, you may experience more irritation than usual due to the follicles being more rooted. Apply finipil® antiseptic cream to reduce irritation, soothe the skin and prevent ingrown.

Wearing loose comfortable clothing allows the skin to breath.

Avoid excessive heat related activities, such as hot bath, steam rooms, sauna, tanning.

Avoid applying any harsh chemical products on freshly waxed area, such as: AHA, BHA.

Avoid shaving. This will make the hair grow back thicker. It also increases the risk of ingrown. Regular waxing will help the hairs become thin and finer.

Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin once or twice a week, starting 2 days after waxing.

Removing hair at its early growth stage is much easier and less painful. For the best result, book your appointment every 4 weeks.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

What Our Guests Say

Amazing service and staff! This place is extremely clean and professional. They make you feel comfortable at all times, and you can definitely tell they take pride on the work they do. And the prices are affordable and worth it! I tried this place after a few others and it does not compare. I've been a client since mid 2022 and I highly recommend them! They also sell after care products that are definitely worth it.
Brenda M.
15:36 19 Mar 23
Had my first brazilian wax and other body waxing services done! I'm extremely happy and pleased with the care and services provided. A big thank you to Vivi and Van for not only making me feel comfortable (I was self conscious), but for also providing me with tips and educating me!
Jenny H
01:09 18 Mar 23
Muskaan is amazing. Very professional and made me feel very comfortable with her kind personality. Will definitely book with her again in the future!
Cheyenne T.
01:11 17 Mar 23
it's only my 3rd visit, but Van and Muskaan are really great! very professional, made my sugaring appointments so easy and efficient!
04:22 11 Mar 23
My sister first introduced me to Van years ago near the start of her business and she’s been the best. When Covid was really bad and life got busy I did my own eyebrows for a bit, but I’ll always return to Bikiwax. I’ve never left unhappy or had to play around with my eyebrows after leaving which is huge for me. Van’s great at what she does & you can tell she cares about her clients and providing customer service that is above and beyond in the way she takes her time and checks in with you before leaving. If reliability, consistency, cleanliness and professionalism is important to you this is the place to go.
Tanysha T.
02:58 04 Mar 23
The best first time experience with Brazilian waxing. She was so friendly and the place is so clean. Highly recommend
Acayo J.
01:44 02 Mar 23
The place is very chic and clean, before and after care is great. Theyre very meticulous and answers all your questions well. Most painless Laser I have done!
15:57 28 Feb 23
It was my very first time doing Brazilian wax. Person who did to me her name was komal i told her it’s my first time and she did a great job. It hurts but not as bad i mean if you want it just get it done because it’s worth it. I went for hard wax and it took less than 45 to get job done. I’ll definitely visit here again. It’s the best
01:48 27 Feb 23
I absolutely love this place! Staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. The rooms are kept really clean. My experience is always so calming especially when waxing the staff are always checking in to make sure you’re okay. Great atmosphere! 10/10 😊
Alexis C
23:01 25 Feb 23
Professional experience. Clean, friendly and comfortable. I will book again and again, thank you ladies!
corinna D.
04:22 05 Feb 23
I didn’t catch the lady who did my tattoo removal name for my eyebrows but she was very nice.The place is fresh. It’s not hot it’s not warm. everyone there is very nice. It smells nice. It’s very girly and clean.Make sure you’re really comfortable especially when they see you’re in pain they will try their best to comfort you.
michelle c
03:37 29 Jan 23
I have been here a handful of times in the last couple years for waxing. They are always reliable and efficient. I recommend 👍🏻
Lisa P.
02:27 23 Jan 23
I had such a great experience! One of the least painful waxes I've had, plus the products they apply to skin are amazing. They clearly take very good attention to detail here- they have you fill out a throughout survey before coming in and ask questions during. I've experienced issues with breakouts and ingrowns in sensitive areas before but had a full body wax at BikiWax 24 hours ago and not a single mark or blemish on me! I can't wait to go back 🙂
Kari S
16:59 04 Jan 23
The cleanliness and attention to detail is impeccable! It’s unmatched. I understand that we all have busy lives and places to be, but your appointment won’t be anything less than what you’re paying for! I won’t go anywhere else now. I love Bikiwax! 10/10 would recommend. Van is the best!
Noelle R.
03:51 19 Dec 22
I highly recommend BikiWax! Specifically if you’re like me scared and nervous about getting waxed! Komal is the best! 🥰The receptionists are also very nice!
Mnl V.
01:52 06 Dec 22
Very clean space and the staff is amazing. Most importantly, their waxing techniques is flawless. I went for a Brazilian wax, each time I had a different technician and they both handle me with the same level of care. They are very gentle, I barely felt anything because they didn't remove large chunks at a time. They provide wipes to clean yourself before waxing the aftercare is the cherry on top.Highly recommended!!
Christine M.
02:05 02 Dec 22
Had my eyebrows done here and was a great experience. The staff are super friendly and the studio is super aesthetically pleasing.
Emma K.
16:14 26 Nov 22
Have had my Brazilian done by both komal & Muskaan . Both are super nice and friendly! Both have made me feel super comfortable and calm during my wax! Ladies at the front are always so kind! Place is very clean! I get my wax routinely done by Komal now! Would recommend this place
J A.
04:47 22 Nov 22
This place is clean, has reasonable prices and everyone is so nice. I love muskaan!! She always takes care of me and makes sure I feel comfortable during my appointment. 10/10 I would recommend biki wax!
Monica M.
18:29 19 Nov 22
Muskaan is amazing she’s so friendly and her work is perfection! Prices are good and the receptionist vivi is super sweet as well. Place is clean and cute!
18:19 19 Nov 22
I love bikiwax! They’ve always been so nice to me and are very clean. I love vivi the receptionist she really cares for the clients and is so sweet! I’ve been going to Muskan for a little while now and I love her so so much. I’ll never go to another waxer she’s amazing, her work is lovely and her attitude is wonderful!
Maryam S.
17:43 19 Nov 22
I just moved to Mississauga and found this place near my home. Amazing place for waxing. Customer service is awesome, place is super clean and friendly.
Aisha U.
18:25 10 Nov 22
From trying to book online while my internet was giving issues I ended up calling in and getting ViVi. She was very polite and informed me it was okay to speak with her since I was having a hard time booking online. Once I arrived Laquitta (esthetician) was very welcoming and had asked a few questions to fully understand what I was looking for. I appreciated this because even though we might have something specific in mind by understanding my needs I was able to get the best recommendation even down to what type of wax would be best. Thank you Laquitta, I will be back 😊
Samantha M.
19:09 07 Nov 22

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