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 How to cancel?

  • Click on the cancel link sent in the reminder emails. 
  • The system will not let you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to cancel your appointment. 

How to reschedule?

  • If you would like to reschedule your appointment, it is important that you have to cancel your appointment first and re-book with your new selected time. To avoid double booking, the system will not let you book the same service within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Once you have cancel the appointment, on the menu bar, click on BOOKING to book your appointment.
How To Prepare?
  1. Shower and lightly exfoliate at home, do not apply lotion or oil base skin care product on the hair-removal area.
  2. Trim hairs to about a quarter of an inch* (no shorter) for less tangle and discomfort. If shaved, allow at least ten days after last shaving.
  3. Arrive calm and be ready for some fun chatting.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

*For Brazilian or Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, esthetician has to trim it before the services with $10 charge. To avoid being charged, please prepare yourself at home OR simply get regular waxing (every 4 weeks).

First Time Waxing?

No need to be embarassed!

We are professional.

Is your hair long enough?

Your hair must be at least 1/4″ long – 4 weeks since your last waxing, or 2 weeks since your last shave. For Brazilian and Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, this is quite tangled and discomfort. To ensure an efficient service, aesthetician has to trim it shorter, and there is $10 charge for that. You can prepare yourself at home, trim hair short to about 1/4″ length (no shorter) OR simply get regular waxing every 4 weeks.


Exfoliate the waxing area 24 hours prior to your service will help loosening the hair follicles for a smoother wax, while reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Reduce Pain

Take painkiller 30 minutes prior to the service, or arrive 40 minutes early to purchase Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Cream. Order now to arrange for pick up.

Keep Me Informed.

Let me know if this is your first time waxing. This will allow me to adjust the service to your needs. Please leave me a note when you book online.

After Waxing

You may experience some redness which usually subsides within 24 hours. If you are first time getting waxed, you may experience more irritation than usual due to the follicles being more rooted. Apply finipil® antiseptic cream to reduce irritation, soothe the skin and prevent ingrown.

Wearing loose comfortable clothing allows the skin to breath.

Avoid excessive heat related activities, such as hot bath, steam rooms, sauna, tanning.

Avoid applying any harsh chemical products on freshly waxed area, such as: AHA, BHA.

Avoid shaving. This will make the hair grow back thicker. It also increases the risk of ingrown. Regular waxing will help the hairs become thin and finer.

Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin once or twice a week, starting 2 days after waxing.

Removing hair at its early growth stage is much easier and less painful. For the best result, book your appointment every 4 weeks.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

What Our Guests Say

Great service every time I go but on my most recent visit especially, Vivi who took care of me was efficient and polite. Awesome!
Michelle E.
15:59 08 Jun 24
Just got my first Brazilian wax with Muskaan and she was great. She makes you feel very comfortable. Definitely recommend going here, the clinic is very clean and everyone was super nice!
Anastasia A
15:32 08 Jun 24
I have been going to BikiWax for 2 years! love everything about this place. Super clean, great staff, very good at all your hair removal needs (wax thread and laser).
Maria M.
15:08 08 Jun 24
I highly recommended this place. Very clean and nice area. Staff are very friendly. High five to Muskaan who did a very good service 🥰❤️
Leah M.
00:45 08 Jun 24
I’ve been coming here for years. Hygiene and cleanest meet golden standard. Satisfied every time.
Tra L.
21:54 07 Jun 24
I am a former medical esthetician (15 years) and this was my first time here. Saw Vivi and was very impressed by her and the spa overall. Extremely professional, clean and welcoming for a full Brazilian. I love that they have hard, soft and sugar wax. Really loved my experience here and will be back for more waxing and laser. Thanks Vivi 🙏🏼
Ameera H.
01:00 04 Jun 24
Vivi consistently offers outstanding service! I’ve been her client for a while, and she always does a fantastic job with a happy smile.
yashika R.
03:19 29 May 24
I get my services done from Muskaan and not only is she super sweet and makes me feel so comfortable but she always does an exceptional job with speed, highly recommend her!
Javeria K.
18:08 22 May 24
First time going to this place, great first experience! Muskaan did my Brazilian and she was very attentive and kept good company. Really appreciated the aftercare.It took me a few minutes to realize the address is inside the office instead of the storefront
shaniz S.
01:42 22 May 24
Been going here for over a year and Muskaan is an absolute gem! She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease during your wax. She’s not pushy when it comes to aftercare products and really does just want the best for you and for your skin. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you Muskaan, you’re the best!
Destiny L.
00:05 19 May 24
Muskaan was absolutely amazing. I had such a great experience with my leg and Brazilian wax. She made me feel super comfortable. I will definitely be back!
Chanel F
00:30 03 May 24
As I walked in I already felt so welcome! They are so professional & so kind as well. I had Komal as my Esthetician, she was so amazing! Komal made the process of waxing go so smoothly for me. She also gave me many tips & help me out with the many options available, especially being my first time waxing. I am really glad that I choose BikiWax as my location to get my first wax. I know for sure that I will definitely be coming back and will only be going to BikiWax my waxing. Thank you again! :)EDIT:I have been going to Bikini Wax at Mississauga location often. I had a chance to work with everyone & they’re amazing. They always make sure I am satisfied with their work & make sure I am okay. They all also help with suggestions on helping me with my skin.Today was my first time doing a facial with Muskaan & she was amazing. She really does take Interest in my skin type & does her best to make sure I get the best results in waxing, facials, & overall skin care. I thank her &... everyone so much for being there, they’re all so kind & helpful.I am very greatful to everyone there, & always excited to come back. Thank you to all again! [:To anyone who is thinking of going to Bikini Wax: I highly recommend! :]read more
Alliy C.
02:32 24 Apr 24
*Review for Muskaan*Muskaan is my go-to girl for all my waxing needs, I've been going to her for 2 years now. Every time I come here, she makes me feel so welcome and comfortable before starting. During the process, it's not awkward at all, she makes conversation and definitely gets to know you! She assesses your comfort level throughout the process to make sure you're okay or need to pause.When recommending after care/maintenance products, she definitely only recommends what you need, she does not push you to buy products which I appreciate so much. Products are reasonably priced and do an amazing job at what they're meant to do.Thank you Muskaan for making each experience a great one! Definitely my only go-to spot for waxing - very hygienic practices and clean location. 5 stars all around.
Marjorie T.
21:32 12 Apr 24
It was my first time seeing Vivi for Brazilian wax, and she was incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. Her work is excellent and perfect, and she didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all.
P d
01:51 08 Apr 24
I highly recommend this salon. Free available parking. Clean, beautiful and tidy enviroment. I arrived a little early for the appointment, and as soon as I crossed the threshold, I was asked my name and immediately taken to a room where I was told clearly what to do and wait for couple of minutes. The service is at a high level. The work was done by a wonderful professional (a cute Asian girl, I forgot her name unfortunately). She did her work quickly, I didn't have to wait for her to start doing something, she just did everything in one go and I think that was a big plus. This girl gave me a lot of advice, I was happy to listen to her and everything was comfortable with her. I booked a new appointment to repeat the procedure immediately after paying for the first visit.
Maryna K.
00:13 31 Mar 24
I’ve been coming to Muskan for over a year now she’s the most friendliest person ever! Always makes me feel so comfortable during my service! She’s great at what she does! Definitely recommended you guys check her out!
Aneeba R.
03:09 27 Mar 24
Just had my waxing after a while for the first time at this place and I really liked it. The place is very welcoming, well maintained, clean. The lady (asian looking, forgot to ask for her name) was so nice and welcoming. Although we ran 10 min late from my apartment, she took the time and cared to clarify my doubts. She answered all my questions in such a nice and calm way and was pretty quick with the appointment. I will definitely go back. I think, i might have found my place for waxing.
Viveksha G.
20:29 26 Mar 24
Vivi is amazing. She is always my go to when it comes to waxing. She is so professional and clean when she works. Cute personality and perfect customer service. Definitely the best in there.
Dilara K.
14:35 15 Mar 24
Repeat customer here. BikiWax provides excellent service. The staff is kind and professional. The services are consistent, efficient with a focus on proper hygiene and client care. Ask for Lekeyah! You’re welcome.
02:53 15 Mar 24
Lekeyah was absolutely amazing! She paid so much attention in providing me the best services ever and how I was feeling throughout. Super kind, gentle, and overall great experience! I'll definitely be back!
Michaela B.
22:04 06 Mar 24
Lekeyah was amazing with service, customer care, and consideration of me as a first-time customer at BikiWax! She made me feel comfortable, gave some information on the different options for hair removal services and was professional the entire time. I would highly recommend Lekeyah and I will be back for services.
Cindy R.
18:16 01 Mar 24
The staff are extremely professional , making the experience comfortable. The office is really clean and I feel like a million bucks when I leave.
11:16 24 Feb 24
I've been seen by a variety of aesthetician here, some who are no longer at this location, but all of them have been professional and really good at what they do! I was seen by Lekeyah today, and she was awesome!
Jeena C.
20:31 17 Feb 24
Great service with sweet and knowledgeable staff! Vivi went above and beyond for me to feel and look my best for an upcoming event. Highly recommend!
Tatiana S.
18:44 16 Feb 24
Excellent service. Online booking. Clean and welcoming premises. My service provider is ViVi. She's incredible. Highly recommend.
Ekta H.
01:05 14 Feb 24
No words to describe how amazing Muskan and ViVi with their skills are. They are awesome, throughout the service they made me feel comfortable and efforts of Muskaan to accommodate my requests was beyond appreciation. Without any second thoughts try this amazing salon you will be over the moon.Their attention to every details are mind blowing, worth all the money!
Simran A.
01:18 11 Feb 24

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