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 Precautions & Disclaimer

Cancellation • Late • Refund Policy

Booking Guide

  • To book multiple services all at once, simply click the “Add Service” button, select your add-on services, fill out the required information.
  • If your chosen services do not fit into shorter available time slots, book only one or two services you really need to secure that available time slot. Please leave us a note during online booking, mention your chosen services, we will try to accommodate them if possible.
  • If you would like to book for family or friends, each individual has to book separately.

To ensure fair accessibility to other guests:

  • Currently, to avoid mistakenly double booking, the booking system does not allow guest to book the same service twice within a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to reschedule you appointment, you have to cancel the appointment first, or email us at as soon as possible. 
  • Notice that there is 24 hours cancellation policy. Our booking system will send out a reminder email 2 days prior to your appointment time. If you have any changes, or want to cancel your appointment, please email us ASAP.
  • If there are two no-show’s on your file OR multiple late cancellations (less than 24 hours) due to any reasons, you will be prompted to pay full non-refundable deposit for your future appointments. If we do not receive the deposit 24 hours prior to your appointment time, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment.

Thank you.


 How to cancel?

  • Click on the cancel link sent in the reminder emails. 
  • The system will not let you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please email us at if you are unable to cancel your appointment. 

How to reschedule?

  • If you would like to reschedule your appointment, it is important that you have to cancel your appointment first and re-book with your new selected time. To avoid double booking, the system will not let you book the same service within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Once you have cancel the appointment, on the menu bar, click on BOOKING > BOOK ONLINE to book your appointment.
How To Prepare?

  1. Shower and lightly exfoliate at home, do not apply lotion or oil base skin care product on the hair-removal area.
  2. Trim hairs to about a quarter of an inch* (no shorter) for less tangle and discomfort. If shaved, allow at least ten days after last shaving.
  3. Arrive calm and be ready for some fun chatting.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

*For Brazilian or Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, esthetician has to trim it before the services with $10 charge. To avoid being charged, please prepare yourself at home OR simply get regular waxing (every 4 weeks).

First Time Waxing?

No need to be embarassed!

We are professional.

Is your hair long enough?

Your hair must be at least 1/4″ long – 4 weeks since your last waxing, or 2 weeks since your last shave. For Brazilian and Bikini Plus services, if your hair is too long, this is quite tangled and discomfort. To ensure an efficient service, aesthetician has to trim it shorter, and there is $10 charge for that. You can prepare yourself at home, trim hair short to about 1/4″ length (no shorter) OR simply get regular waxing every 4 weeks.


Exfoliate the waxing area 24 hours prior to your service will help loosening the hair follicles for a smoother wax, while reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Reduce Pain

Take painkiller 30 minutes prior to the service, or arrive 40 minutes early to purchase Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Cream. Order now to arrange for pick up.

Keep Me Informed.

Let me know if this is your first time waxing. This will allow me to adjust the service to your needs. Please leave me a note when you book online.

After Waxing

You may experience some redness which usually subsides within 24 hours. If you are first time getting waxed, you may experience more irritation than usual due to the follicles being more rooted. Apply finipil® antiseptic cream to reduce irritation, soothe the skin and prevent ingrown.

Wearing loose comfortable clothing allows the skin to breath.

Avoid excessive heat related activities, such as hot bath, steam rooms, sauna, tanning.

Avoid applying any harsh chemical products on freshly waxed area, such as: AHA, BHA.

Avoid shaving. This will make the hair grow back thicker. It also increases the risk of ingrown. Regular waxing will help the hairs become thin and finer.

Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin once or twice a week, starting 2 days after waxing.

Removing hair at its early growth stage is much easier and less painful. For the best result, book your appointment every 4 weeks.

For some other frequently asked questions, please click here.

What Our Guests Say

I was late for my appointment due to bad weather and traffic. Considering that they were fully booked on the last day just prior to lockdown, they made the exception to accommodate me when I got there which I greatly appreciate. Almost painless sugaring service. Kiran is very thorough and dealt with my ingrown hair. Thank you! 🙂
Ho-Yan Jenny K.
03:00 23 Nov 20
Really cute interior and clean! Irena was very professional and did an amazing job! I will be returning for a future appointment. Highly recommend this place. With covid each waxing stick is discarded to avoid double dipping if anyone is concerned about that.
Raeliana M.
01:51 20 Nov 20
Amazing service!! I had come in a week ago to get my eyebrows done from Kiran. She is professional, clean, and did a phenomenal job on giving me the shape that is perfect for my face. I will definitely come back and let my family and friends know to come to Bikiwax! Thank you Kiran!!!!
Harleen S.
17:52 17 Nov 20
This place is by far the best in mississauga. I came all the way from cambridge just so I could get my Brazilian done. I got it done by Irena and she was the best at making me feel comfortable and asking me constantly if I was okay. This place really cares about their costumers!! Highly recommended
daniela V.
01:48 04 Nov 20
My tech was great. I'm black and struggle finding someone to remove all the hairs but my Aesthetician was fluent in my hair type and provided a clean finish!
Malyka W.
00:03 03 Nov 20
I’ve been going to Biki wax for almost a year now, Van and the other ladies do such an amazing job every time! The place is very clean and their work is thorough. I’ll also add that I’ve never had to wait more than 5 mins past my appointment time to be taken in which is a plus.
Amanda D
14:26 24 Oct 20
I have been going to Van for waxing for several years now. She runs an exceptionally clean and professional place. She has very high standards for her services and is very personable and friendly, making the entire experience a positive one. I always recommend BikiWax to friends and family in the area.
Jess M
17:08 22 Oct 20
Had a stress-free visit today at Bikiwax. I usually get really nervous before waxing but Irena made my experience smooth and quick. Will definitely go back to see her 🙂
Noime B.
23:13 20 Oct 20
The cleanliness and attention to detail is impeccable! It doesn’t happen often, but when your appointment has run late because the previous appointment has gone over their time, trust me when I tell you that you WILL also be given that exact same courtesy and attention to detail. It’s unmatched. I understand that we all have busy lives and places to be, but your appointment won’t be anything less than what you’re paying for! Speaking from experience. I won’t go anywhere else now. I love Bikiwax! 10/10 would recommend.
Ross N.
23:21 04 Oct 20
I've been searching for a real good place to do my eyebrows. I've been here twice so far. My first experience was amazing, Sara did an amazing job. My second time going which was recently, Irena done a fabulous job. I'm really loving this place. Very clean, friendly & professional! Definitely found my forever eyebrow place. I can't wait to try the other services they offer!Thank you!
Aisha M.
19:48 01 Oct 20
I love coming here! They’re super professional and really care about doing a good job as well as the client’s experience. I will be coming back soon!
Roleo M.
01:36 30 Sep 20
Amazing experience! Super clean! Van makes sure there is no hair left behind😁😁😁very happy with Bikiwax, will be going every month
Anel A.
00:13 28 Sep 20
Van is soo sweet and super speedy! I was very nervous about my wax but Van took the time to explain everything to me and kept me calm! Will definitely be returning!
Madi H.
01:11 27 Sep 20
I just moved to the area and was looking for a place I can go to do my waxing. So..... I took to google and bikiwax came up along with a lot more places but there was something about it that made me call Van. She fit me in same day. She was awesome, loved everything about her and her home studio, it beats sitting in a noisy salon. I was so comfortable with her and she is super friendly. I will definitely be going to her from now on and recommending her to others.Thanks a million VanI’ve now been going to Bikiwax for over three years. I love it, very clean and professional. No need to be embarrassed going here they are all very professional. I will continue to go here for all my waxing needs.
Debbie S.
23:14 26 Sep 20
Love going to this place for my waxing! Have gone there 3 times so far, each time I had a different lady and they have all been amazing, clean and patient. Irena, was great this time around, a perfectionist and it shows.
Jennifer M.
18:33 24 Sep 20
Wonderful Staff. Doesn't matter what technician you choose. Quick, easy going, great prices. Will never go anywhere else again! Highly recommend these ladies for any waxing needs!
Pamela A
22:35 16 Sep 20
Took me in right away. I got Irena she was super nice and did my first ever wax. Definitely coming back!Update**Third time here and I love it and will be coming back. Irena is my go to and gives some good advice. Nice person to talk and does the job great!
01:11 16 Sep 20
Been here twice for waxing, and both times have been great. Van is super thorough (but efficient - I’ve always come during my lunch break at work without issue), and her clinic is very clean.She’s kind & makes you feel comfortable.Great COVID precautions.No issues at all during, or after service (no ingrown hairs).
Ashley J
19:25 11 Sep 20
Irene is super amazing! She’s quick and as close to painless as possible. I highly recommend bikiwax. Everyone is so friendly and they are very clean and professional and make you feel very comfortable
Marina F.
23:06 03 Sep 20
Love coming here for my wax. The place is clean, and they followed all safety precautions. Van is efficient and great at what she does.
Ann A.
02:29 30 Aug 20
I have been to BikiWax twice now and have been impressed both times. The salon itself is extremely clean and tidy - the waxing rooms and equipment are spotless. It was my first time getting waxed by lrena and she was absolutely wonderful! Getting a bikini wax can be a little awkward but she made sure I was comfortable, answered all my questions, and gave me recommendations for concerns I was having about ingrown hairs (not her fault, just the nature of the hair removal game). Will definitely be making BikiWax and Irene my go-to hair removal salon!
Harmeen S.
04:45 26 Aug 20
First time having a Brazilian wax but Van made me feel comfortable and relaxed she answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable very nice lady I’m definitely going back to her next monthThanks Van
Shamarie L.
04:35 22 Aug 20
This was my first time! My experience was great, and they made me feel very comfortable! The spa is also very clean which was reassuring!I will be recommending to my friends.
Hannah B.
17:34 21 Aug 20
First time at BikiWax today and I was very impressed! The facility was super clean and the staff was very professional and polite.Raman was awesome! She made sure I was comfortable through the entire session and she was very thorough in addressing any concerns I had.BikiWax is definitely now my Go-To for all of my waxing needs. I Highly recommend coming here!
Lori S.
19:25 20 Aug 20

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