Employee Performance Appraisal

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Guidelines for Use of this Form

1. The employee will complete the self evaluation and will send it to their manager prior to the performance evaluation review meeting.

2. The Rating Scale on the performance evaluation is to be interpreted as follows:

Needs Improvement: Requires constant or periodic supervision and/or assistance or is working toward performing without assistance.

Meets Expectation: Performs satisfactorily without supervision and/or assistance.

Exceeds Expectation: Performs consistently above the expected level of competence and demonstrates behaviors that reflect the "above and beyond the call of duty" philosophy.

Expectation is based on professional standards, employee behavior, job description, experience level, and perceived personal potential. It is NOT a peer comparison.

3. At the time of the performance evaluation interview, the employee is responsible to bring his/her professional development record which forms part of the review along with the goals and action plan.

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