Terms of Service

Waxing/Sugaring/Nufree Hair Removal Service(s):

For your safety purpose, if you are under a physician’s/ dermatologist’s cares, or if you have any problems with the following information, please let us know in the note when you book online.

If you do not get waxing regularly, leaving your hair long is quite difficult and discomfort for the bikini area. Also, there is extra $10 charge for trimming. So, to avoid these issues, please prepare yourself at home, trim hair around bikini area and leave it optimally about 1/4″ length, no shorter.

⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ If you are taking Accutane, esthetician will NOT be able to perform any hair removal. In order to be safe for waxing, you must stop taking Accutane for AT LEAST SIX MONTHS. This medication will thin out the skin, make it extremely fragile for waxing – such complications include skin tear, peeling off skin, and scarring.

⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ Without regular waxing, hairs become more rooted, especially when you are pregnant and are closer to the due date. Because of hormones, blood flow around the bikini area increases, hair becomes thicker – waxing will increase the risk of follicles spotting and skin tear. Therefore, waxing regularly prior to 24 weeks of your pregnancy is highly recommended. Regular waxing (every 4 to 6 weeks) will not give hair enough time to root and hair will easily be removed.

If you are using Retin A (Tretinoin), anti-aging product that contains Retinol (i.e. a milder form of Retinoid), or any of the following: Adapalene, Isotretinoin, Clindamycin, Tazarotene, Acitretin, Bexarotene, Alitretinoin, Fluocinolone, Hydroquinone – your aesthetician will not remove hair from that area and a 3″ surrounding area; this information is on your prescription facts.

If you are currently undergoing any chemical peels, dermabrasion, facial surgery, or laser treatment – you need to have a doctor’s release that there has been enough time since treatment in order to service that area affected.

If you are using any over the counter products that contain Glycolic acids, Alpha Hydroxy acids, Benzoic acids, Benzoyl Peroxide, or Salicylic acids for wrinkles, or blemishes – you must be free of these products for at least 1 week on the area to have hair removal.

If you are taking any medications that can cause thinning of skin such as (blood thinners and corticosteroids), your esthetician will do a patch test do determine whether you can have the service and/or consult your prescribing physician.

If you are taking any medications that can cause water retention (Some hormone drugs containing estrogen, blood pressure lowering medications, antidepressants and steroids may cause water retention), it softens the skin, makes it prone to tear during waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Service(s):

The following conditions which are contraindications to laser hair removal:

  • Raised moles, tattoos, or permanent makeup areas.
  • History of melanoma, suspicious lesions, keloid scar formation, healing problems, active infections, open lesions, hives, herpetic lesions, cold sores.
  • Recent use of antibiotics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that can cause hyperpigmentation, such as but not limited to tetracycline, phenytoin, antimalarial, amiodarone, antipsychotic drugs, cytotoxic drugs – aka. chemotherapy drugs.
  • Accutane, or St. John’s Wort usage within the last 6 months.
  • Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Scleroderma, Vitiligo, pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or nursing.

We recommend that you speak with your doctor if you have any of the above conditions prior to receiving laser treatment.

Permanent makeup(s) & Saline tattoo removal:

The following conditions which are contraindications to permanent makeup (aka. micropigmentation). Due to the similar technique with permanent makeup, saline tattoo removal has the same contraindications.

  • People with diabetes are generally not recommended to get tattoos in general, as this condition can affect the immune system and healing process. For example, if someone with diabetes had high blood sugar during the procedure or afterwards, this could impede the healing process and increase the risk for infection.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing are also generally contraindicated, as though the risk is very small, the possibility of contracting a disease is still always possible with tattoos, which could negatively affect the fetus and cause complications for both the mother and child.
  • Although allergic reactions are very rare, especially with the specialized ink used for permanent makeup, people with allergies to metals, makeup, or ink in general are not good candidates for permanent makeup procedures.
  • Even those who are taking blood thinning medicines like aspirin should not get a permanent makeup tattoo, as the body will not be able to naturally clot as easily or heal properly.
  • People who have skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, or rashes/blisters may still be able to get permanent makeup tattoos, but should not get one on a spot where their skin condition is presenting symptoms. For example, if a person has eczema on their brow line, permanent makeup eyebrows would not be recommended.
  • Herpes used to be another contraindication, but thanks to advancement in medicine, it is simply required that those with this condition take their medication to ensure a flare up does not occur and spread.
  • People who undergo any superficial laser treatment, such as laser rejuvenation, spider vein laser treatment, superficial skin resurfacing, freckle laser treatment, and laser hair removal. Because laser can cause the negative effects on the tattooed areas, such as removing the pigments, even causing burns and scars. 

We recommend that you speak with your doctor if you have any of the above conditions prior to receiving any micropigmentation.

Customer’s Release and Acknowledgement of Risk (“Disclaimer”)

When getting service(s) (“Services”) at BikiWax:

  • Customer acknowledges and represents that he/ she have read this entire Wellness Checklist, Informed Consent for COVID-19, and any of the Customer’s Release and Acknowledgement of Risk associated with the service(s) that he/ she or the minor client (“ward”, i.e., below 16-year-old under his/ her legal guardian) is about to receive. Customer(s) – as a Client or a Legal Guardian – agree with it, understand it, and have voluntarily initialed each statement about the elective service/ procedure either for himself/ herself and/ or his/ her ward.
  • Customer releases, discharges, holds harmless, and absolves BikiWax, and its members, subsidiaries, employees, directors, officers and agents from any and all actions, cost and expenses (including attorneys’ fees), suits, demands or any kind whatsoever, and claims of liability of any nature, including claims of active or passive negligence, for any damages or injuries, which the customer, his/ her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns may actually suffer or incur by reason of any matter connected in any way with the Services that are provided by BikiWax.
  • Customer understands that he/ she may have allergies and it is his/ her responsibility to consult his/ her physician if he/ she is uncertain if he/ she should receive any of the Services.
  • Customer understands that there is a risk that he/ she may experience an adverse reactions, such as but not limited to, pain, bruising, swelling, redness,  scabbing, pimples, raw or peeling skin, and/or rash, itching, skin inflammation or irritation (dermatitis), allergic reaction, ulcers, scarring, blistering, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, mottling of skin vascularity and pigmentation, and other unforeseen complications, and that these can be temporary or permanent from the Services that he/ she has asked BikiWax to provide.
  • Customer, particularly receiving laser hair removal, understands the treatment may be painful, but this is typically manageable without any pain medication. Color changes, such as hyper-pigmentation (brown/ red discoloration) or hypo-pigmentation (skin lightening), may occur in treated skin and may be temporary or permanent. This may take several months to resolve, if at all. Unprotected sun exposure in the weeks following treatments is contraindicated as it may cause or worsen this condition. Blistering of the skin may occur. Temporary or permanent ulceration or scarring is uncommon but may occur.
  • Customer acknowledges that BikiWax has made no particular representation or guarantee about the Services to him/ her.
  • Customer understands it is his/ her responsibility to follow the advice and direction of his/ her service professional during the Services and after-care advice (if any) provided to him/ her.
  • Customer understands that the services offered are not a substitute for medical care, understands that the skin care professional will completely inform him/her (customer)  of what to expect in the course of treatment and will recommend adjustments to his/ her regimen if deemed necessary. Customer should be aware that individual results are dependent upon his/ her age, skin condition, and lifestyle. Customer agrees to actively participate in following appointment schedules and home care procedures to the best of his/ her ability, so that he/ she may obtain maximum effectiveness. In the event that he/ she may have additional questions or concerns regarding his/ her treatment or suggested home product routine, he/ she need to inform his/ her skin care professional immediately.
  • If a customer is not satisfied with his/ her service or products, it is his/ her responsibility to contact BikiWax or its representative within 24 hours after the appointment so that the situation may be corrected.
  • Customer understands that he/ she is giving up his/ her rights to sue the Release Parties for any claims, damages or injuries relating to the Services, also understand that BikiWax Inc. or its staff members/ employees have the right to refuse service to anyone per their discretion. If any part of this Wellness Screening Checklist, Inform Consent for COVID, and any Customer’s Release and Acknowledgement of Risk of the related aforementioned Service(s) shall be found invalid or unenforceable, then such part shall be considered deleted from this Disclaimer, and the information on this page shall be construed and enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • Customer agrees that any amendment thereto or any notice(s), waiver(s), or electronic signature(s) required to be given pursuant hereto may be delivered electronically, typically by email(s), and such electronic copies shall be deemed to have the same force and effect as printed documents.
  • When a customer books any appointments online, we (BikiWax Inc.), consider that he/ she, or on behalf of his/ her Ward – agrees to this Customer’s Release & Acknowledgment of Risk, and hereby declares that all the information given to BikiWax Inc. is true to the best of his/ her knowledge and belief.